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About EarthJump!

Earthjump CIC was established in 2012 from a growing awareness that we can enjoy a better quality of life by eating healthier, incorporating outdoor activities into our lives and developing a stronger connection with the nature.

In particular we focus on communities in Plymouth where lives can be enhanced through learning to enjoy and understand the outdoors. Working with schools, community groups and like-minded organisations we generate respect for the natural environment.

By offering opportunities to discover local spaces we build the confidence of families and young people to facilitate future independent visits to woods, beaches, parks, and nature reserves.

Through developing initiatives that enable more people to practice sustainable food growing, harvesting and consuming there is greater awareness of the importance of healthy eating and active lifestyles.

Ultimately we hope to nurture communities that seek to use and enhance outdoor space through facilitating positive learning experiences.


Bex House


Bex has been working in the outdoors for many years promoting the benefits of enjoying the natural world and safeguarding the environment for the future. As a keen hiker, cyclist, runner, surfer and sea swimmer she is particularly passionate about the coast and forests travelling the world to enjoy them.

Following completion of BSc Geography, MSc Marine Science and a PGCE Bex gained employment at TCV, Plantlife and The Marine Biological Association. This gave her the opportunity to develop a suite of skills aimed at enabling more people to share her enthusiasm for the outdoor environment.


Emmie Readman

Creative Writer

Emmie’s never happier than when she’s outside, be it by the sea or amongst trees, learning in and about nature. Her love of all things creative and wordy drove her to pursue a Masters in literature whilst striving to publish her own work. Since leaving university, she has gained experience working within cultural and environmental community outreach charities.